We want to contribute our grain of sand so that boys and girls learn to know and recognize the birds, flora and other animals in our environment.

Thanks to the wonderful hand and talent of Fani Marco as an illustrator and to the fact that the Elche City Council, Department of the Environment has left us the original sheet, we can offer you these sheets to download and color.

Abejaruco - Confinement Resources for Girls and Boys 1
We also put some links where you can learn more about each one and a video to listen in this case to their singing.

this way you will have another way of understanding why we call this beautiful bird Abejaruco / ABEJAruco (scientific name: Merops Apiaster).

insects and especially bees are part of their diet (they remove the stinger by rubbing it against a branch) ¡¡they come to our lands in April to nest … they were allowed to fly to Spain ¡¡ …… take a good look at them and tell us if you find all the colors!

that you enjoy it ¡¡and when we go out to our natural spaces, to the countryside, along the bed of the Vinalopó River …. that in #Elche  ¡but throughout the province of Alicante and in the Valencian Community you can find it, throw patience and binoculars to observe them, they are beautiful!

Singing: thanks to Javier Laplaza

More information: SEO Birds Encyclopedia. org (

Elche City Council – Ajuntament d’Elx

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Abejaruco - Confinement Resources for Girls and Boys 2