Framed within a program of visits for “initiation to birding in the natural areas of the province of Alicante”, the first outing of this year 2021 will take place in the El Hondo Natural Park on Sunday, May 9th, at 8am. Prior reservation is required and spaces are limited, so sign up early. For more information or to sign up, please email us at .

The tour will be on foot through one of the most important wetlands in Spain. In a wonderful time to discover the birdlife, we will learn about the home of important populations such as the white-headed duck and the marbled teal, both species included in the red book of threatened species in Spain and scarce throughout Europe. If you want to see what other species you can find, we recommend that you watch the video Birdwatching Paradise, produced by the Association for the Development of Elx Field (ADR).

Cartel birding 9 mayo
Avanzatour birding. This spring, discover new ways to appreciate nature. Our protagonists will be shy in many cases, but with patience and observation, you will discover the happiest residents and visitors in the area. With the help of a specialized guide, you will learn about the secrets and curiosities of our natural spaces in an enjoyable way. Get out of the house and get ready for a fun morning in an unbeatable atmosphere. Soon we will carry out new outings like the ones we usually offer on our website

You can find more information here about our birdwatching routes.